See How MWH Does It


Helping people prepare for and lead change is as much a part of Building a Better World as the engineering solutions we provide to our clients. We recognize that our values must drive our actions around renewing and refitting our workforce in preparation to take on the challenges of the future. To that end, we worked to create distinct pathways that enabled people at varying stages of life and experience to envision possibilities, grow their knowledge and achieve meaningful career progression.



In 2015, we served as title sponsor for Girls & Science Day, in Denver, Colorado, an event that provided girls as young as three with an opportunity to interact with professional women from a range of science and engineering disciplines, including a geologist, engineer, meteorologist and geneticist, to name just a few. More than 7,000 girls and their families got their hands dirty in our dam building experiments, learned about various types of soils and discovered that girls can be all these professions and more. We hope these early positive experiences will spark interest and inspire future career choices.

Working with students who are just a bit older, we opened doors to interns and apprentices who are curious about construction, consulting and engineering-related disciplines and ushered them into positions within the company where they could grow and contribute their expertise with real-world experience on projects around the world. Our three-year Graduate Development Programs in New Zealand, Australia and India and two-year professional development program for young professionals in the Netherlands are great examples of our knowledge-building programs and the culture of learning we value. They give candidates front-line access to a cadre of MWH professionals and senior leaders around the world via a structured curriculum designed to develop business acumen while growing their technical, leadership and commercial skills.

We welcomed women re-entering the workforce into a novel program that provides opportunities to reinvigorate their careers through meaningful, hands-on experiences with MWH over a 22-week time frame. Returnees shared job responsibilities that mirrored the professional activities of their colleagues, with options for both part-time and full-time hours to fit their individual needs.

And we commissioned retiring executives and other high-level managers as senior advisors, enabling them to continue providing their experienced advice and counsel while transitioning to other activities and volunteer roles within their communities.

With a flexible and highly skilled team of employees, we look forward to helping clients and communities around the world build the best educational, economic, environmental and social foundations for the future.

MWH Asia Pacific Graduate Development Program graduates and senior leaders.