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In 2015, we worked hard to meet the challenges of today’s global marketplace. Our metamorphosis, introduced in March, positioned MWH to keep doing what we do best: bring our clients the most valuable solutions, services and knowledge to solve their toughest issues, and help them manage their businesses and operations more efficiently. Through concentration on their unique needs, we are renewing our core business by creating new opportunities around future work.

This has been a significant year for us. We began it with a sense of urgency to build up our backlog, which I’m pleased to report is now at an all-time record high. Some parts of the business experienced exceptional growth. For example, the Innovyze software business saw the highest revenue and profits in its history.

It was also a transformational year. While some regions experienced growth, others faced challenges. Several large projects concluded, and at the same time, falling commodities prices in the natural resources markets presented serious headwinds in our commodity-driven markets. For these reasons, we took difficult steps in a number of regions to adjust staffing and costs, and will continue to take prudent and appropriate actions to ensure our competitiveness and sustainability as an organization.

We are proud of our achievements in 2015. We expanded the scope of our business through successful work on many key projects around the globe, among them the AMP6 projects in the U.K., the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department wastewater treatment plants in Florida and Willamette Water Supply Program in Portland, Oregon, to name a few. We were diligent in diversifying around water markets and delivering solutions geared to our clients’ needs, particularly in the industrial water treatment sector. We also have established a leading global role in potable water reuse that strategically positions us to respond to our changing global climate.

Our waste-to-energy work in Europe also grew significantly, moving us to the edge of water, and includes projects such as the Birmingham Bio Power Plant in Tyseley, U.K. and the Energy Factory at the Tilburg, Netherlands wastewater treatment plant.

We expanded our service offering to support changing customer needs. Our management consulting business, Hawksley Consulting, was successfully launched in the U.S. and expanded to the U.K. We formed a global teaming alliance with Accenture to strengthen our ability to provide enterprise-wide systems and operating platforms. In addition, MWH was recognized as a Partner by GE along with seven other leading global companies to accelerate innovation in water and energy efficiency.

We improved how we deliver solutions by developing resources to help us manage projects better and faster. We recently began work in Argentina on the Represas Patagonia, a new hydropower project that will be designed using all BIM approaches and software. Innovative design planning tools were also introduced to speed collaboration and project execution.

Recognizing the challenges of a changing world, we continued to invest in our people and culture, well aware that our ability to serve our clients lies with the people of MWH. We continued to create pathways for career building, knowledge sharing and community service that make a positive and lasting difference and reflect our fundamental values.

What has been true through the years remains true today: MWH is a strong and healthy business committed to remaining at the forefront of our industry and serving our clients while being more aggressive at converting our backlog and awards to revenue and profit. I’m confident we will continue to find new opportunities to build on our success.

Alan J. Krause
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

In March 2016, MWH announced a merger agreement with Stantec, a leading global design firm, which will strengthen our position as a leader and top-tier design firm in the global water market. Please visit for details.


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Many of the beneficiaries of Colorado’s Southern Delivery System were children when the idea for this project was first raised in the 1990s. Since then, many visionary community and regional leaders have grappled with a future where more water would be needed to maintain a healthy economy and quality of life. In 2010, MWH accepted the challenge to support Colorado Springs Utilities (Utilities) and its regional partners, and manage the creation of a water delivery infrastructure that would feed thirsty residents and businesses for generations to come.

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The second busiest river in America is helping to deliver a renewable power supply second to none for residents in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana and West Virginia thanks to a collaboration between American Municipal Power, the City of Hamilton, Ohio and MWH. To diversify its energy portfolio AMP, made up of 132 public utility members, selected MWH to design and provide engineering services during construction of four hydropower facilities adjacent to the existing Cannelton, Meldahl, Smithland and Willow Island dams on the Ohio River.

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The 2010 and 2011 earthquakes and aftershocks that destroyed or damaged more than 150,000 homes, properties and other infrastructure in Christchurch, New Zealand hit with unexpected intensity for over 18 months and rank as one of the world’s costliest natural disasters in over 60 years. Multiple quakes left the city with hundreds of thousands of personal and commercial claims, and its leaders and residents shaken, yet determined to rebuild their devastated city. MWH was engaged by Vero Insurance New Zealand and AA Insurance following the first earthquake to undertake essential make-safe and emergency work in support of their recovery effort. 

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around the world

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mwh-global-officeMWH Global Headquarters

West Palm Beach – Florida, U.S.

MWH support to upgrade and improve the City’s water treatment and infrastructure facilities helped it win the region’s annual Best Tasting Drinking Water Contest.

Miami-Dade – Florida, U.S.

MWH was awarded a significant contract to provide engineering design services for the comprehensive $1 billion USD rehabilitation of three large wastewater treatment plants.

Seal Beach – California, U.S.

MWH was selected to replace an aged and critical element of the Orange County Sanitation District’s wastewater infrastructure that serves 150,000 residents.

Pure Water San Diego – California, U.S.

MWH was selected by the City of San Diego to manage and assist in delivering the $2.7 billion USD Pure Water San Diego Program. MWH will provide program management services that will ultimately enable Pure Water San Diego to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective drinking water for San Diego residents and make it more water independent and resilient against drought, climate change and natural disasters.

Willamette Water Supply Program – Oregon, U.S.

MWH will provide program management services for the approximately $1 billion USD Willamette Water Supply Program, one of Oregon’s largest water projects. When completed in 2026, the program will deliver a new, independent water source that will serve more than 300,000 residents and some of the state’s largest employers for the next 100 years.

Rio Tinto Kennecott Copper Mine Dewatering Program – Utah, U.S.

MWH is performing well and vibrating wireline piezometer installations, data collection, continual data analysis, reporting and safety support to facilitate an efficient dewatering program under a five-year strategy for Kennecott’s open pit and underground mine workings. This program is an integral part of the mine’s long-term operation; our team is available 24/7 to support the mine’s success.

Represas Patagonia, Néstor Kirchner and Jorge Cepernic – Argentina

Using advanced BIM technology to produce intelligent parametric designs, MWH is providing engineering design services to the Nestor Kirchner and Jorge Cepernic hydroelectric projects. These projects include one 75-meter-high dam, one 40-meter high dam and two powerhouses with 1,740 MW combined capacity that will provide reliable energy to 2.4 million people.

Environmental Funding Assessment – European Union

Through LIFE, the European Union will give out 3.4 billion euro in funding for environmental, climate and nature conservation projects throughout Europe over the next six years. MWH leads a consortium that evaluates the applications from all 28 European Union states.

Hidroelectrica S.A. – Romania

MWH is providing a technical audit of five existing hydroelectric schemes under construction, as well as, technical support for the rehabilitation of three hydro projects that will generate up 1100 MW of power.

Intended Climate Change Contributions – Africa

MWH supported the governments of Burkina Faso, Chad, Central African Republic, Comoros, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kiribati, Madagascar, Mauritius, Niger and Seychelles in developing their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions to the United Nations Climate Change Agreement, which was adopted at the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change in Paris in December 2015.

Salto Grande Rehabilitation / Modernization – Argentina/Uruguay

MWH is providing consultation services to help modernize the Salto Grande hydroelectric plant serving more than 2 million homes in Argentina and Uruguay. Constructed in 1979, the plant houses 14 Kaplan turbines that produce 1,890 MW of clean, reliable power. The plant currently supplies 50 percent of Uruguay’s energy needs and 8 percent of Argentina’s needs.

Upper Trilshull-1 Project – Nepal

MWH is acting as independent engineers for the lenders, led by the International Finance Corporation private sector arm of the World Bank Group. Tasks include technical appraisal as well as independent environmental and social advisory services.

Grudie Hydropower Project – Scotland, U.K.

​​MWH is delivering civil, structural and building services design for the £7 million, 2MW Grudie Hydropower project located in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland.

Aerospace and Defense Technology – California, U.S.

MWH is helping an aerospace and defense technology corporation (a Top 5 defense contractor) respond to drought and gear up for more stringent water use regulations by conducting water use assessments at six of its major California industrial facilities and by engineering ways to reduce water consumption by up to 40 percent.

Kinder Morgan – Texas, U.S.

MWH is providing environmental remediation, compliance services, intellectual property and project management solutions at more than 80 product pipelines and terminal facilities operated by Kinder Morgan, North America’s largest energy infrastructure company. MWH services are helping the company reduce environmental liabilities and remain compliant with U.S. safety and environmental regulations.

Environmental Studies with Teck – Chile

MWH is providing an environmental impact statement that will enable the Teck Carmen de Andacollo mineral processing plant to optimize its operations while adhering to local environmental standards.

Cerro Verde – Peru

MWH provided engineering solutions from inception through start-up for the Cerro Verde Mining Company’s new tailing storage facilities and supported the company in developing non-conventional alternatives to reclaim municipal wastewater effluent as a stable water source for the mine expansion. We continue to provide construction quality assurance, field engineering, operation management, hydrogeological investigations and document management services.

Gold Fields La Cima, Cerro Corona – Peru

MWH solutions in services engineering, design, construction management and quality assurance, as well as hydrogeological monitoring, environmental permitting and waste management are helping to support current and future mining operations in Cerro Corona.

Consorcio Energético de Huancavelica S.A. – Peru

As consultant on a run-of-the-river 11.9 MW capacity hydropower plant in Carampona, MWH is providing feasibility studies, engineering design and technical services.

Yaku Hydropower – Peru

MWH feasibility studies underway for the Yaku hydroelectric project are helping Enersur, one of Peru’s leading electrical energy suppliers, identify how to capture and utilize water from the Marañon River–a main source of the Amazon River.

European Union Environmental Funding Assessment – Belgium

MWH leads a consortium that is evaluating applications from 28 European Union states for 3.4 billion Euro in funding for environmental, climate and nature conservation projects planned throughout Europe over the next six years.

Soil Risk Map – Netherlands

MWH created the Soil Risk Map (Bodemrisicokaart) to provide construction and utility companies with the detailed information on soil quality that is required as a prelude to excavation. With a click of a mouse, our clients can see all available information instantly, both for project preparation and reporting, as well as ad hoc the field.

Drinking Water Resources Assessment – Turkey

MWH is working with the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to assess drinking water resources, water treatment plants and legal structures of the drinking water sector to determine sustainable solutions and investment options for modernizing and expanding the sector.

Energy Efficiency Consultancy – Turkey

MWH is supporting Turkey’s progress toward greater energy efficiency by providing consultation services to help the country develop its capabilities for commercial lending and financing of energy efficiency projects. The effort supports the country’s aim of creating an energy service company industry and aligning its policies and institutional framework with European Union legislation.

Outlining Intended Climate Change Contributions – Africa

MWH supported the governments of ten African countries by defining their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions to the United Nations Climate Change Agreement, which was adopted at the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change in Paris in 2015. Countries include Burkina Faso, Chad, Niger, Comoros, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar and Kiribati.

Gulpur Hydropower Project – Pakistan

MWH and joint venture partner, NESPAK, were selected by developer Mira Power Ltd. to provide engineering services to the 102 MW Gulpur Hydropower Project in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, the third privately-developed hydropower project in Pakistan’s history. Major construction began in October 2015.

Improving Climate Resilience, Tajik Energy Sector – Tajikistan

MWH is working to improve the country’s energy sector capabilities and ensure long-term climate resilience of its hydropower sector by transferring knowledge and technical skills to understand and manage risks associated with climate change.

Hydrological Studies for Pitinga and Pucamarca Mines – Brazil/Peru    

MWH developed hydrological and hydrogeological studies at the Pitinga tin mine in Brazil and the Pucamarca gold mine in Peru that will help to evaluate the impact of mining activities on the surface water and groundwater resources. At Pitinga the studies will help in establishing an efficient dewatering process for the open pit and other future control measures on surface water to avoid flooding. MWH has also completed a conceptual and numeric model of the Pucamarca mine to evaluate its overall impact, and has provided support in updating the 2015 Environmental Impact Assessment.

Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation Program – Tanzania, Africa

MWH is providing assessment and monitoring services to the European Investment Bank on the extension and upgrades to Lake Victoria’s water supply and sanitation infrastructures. The improvements will improve the quality of life for all residents of the region and help protect the environment.

Al Madina Al Shamaliya Sewage Treatment Plant – Bahrain

In 2015, MWH began construction supervision on a new sewage treatment plant on the reclaimed islands of Al Madina Al Shamaliya (Northern Town). The new plant will treat up to 10 million gallons of wastewater per day to serve the sanitation needs of the entire island community, which will be home to over 90,000 people once complete. The treated sewage effluent will then be reused as irrigation for the island’s landscaping.

StormWater Management Solutions – Kuwait

MWH is in the early stages of delivering a five-year project to conduct extensive feasibility studies, and provide design and construction supervision for stormwater management infrastructure across 8,000 square miles of urban development surrounding Kuwait City. The project aims to help Kuwait meet its development targets by alleviating the problems of widespread flooding caused by high intensity rainfall events.

Water Resources Policy and National Strategy – State of Qatar

The State of Qatar has appointed MWH as technical adviser on the creation of new national policy, strategy and legislation on water resource management in the wealthy but arid nation. This role includes investigating the quality and extent of all current water resources and translating this intelligence into practical, actionable strategic plans that will ensure a safe, reliable and sustainable supply of water through to 2030.

Barka Desalination Plant – Sultanate of Oman

MWH, along with Egis Eau, is serving as the owner’s engineer on the construction of a $600 million USD seawater desalination plant in Barka, Oman, which will produce up to 74.2 million gallons of potable water a day. Owned by Oman Power and Water Procurement Company, the project is being delivered by an independent water project consortium comprising ITOCHU Corp., SUEZ, ENGIE and W.J. Towell & Co. The project is part of an overall national strategy to meet rising water demand in the sultanate.

Second Sewerage Master Plan — Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

MWH is working to complete the Second Sewerage Master Plan for the cities of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain in the UAE. The plan will constitute a blueprint for sewage treatment strategy and future capital investment plans in both cities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi through to 2040.

Dubai World Central Stormwater Deep Tunnel System – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

MWH is designing an up to 200-ft.-deep, 30-ft.-wide and 15-mile-long stormwater relief tunnel to serve the fledgling Dubai World Central aerotropolis, site of the Al Maktoum International Airport and upcoming Expo 2020. The tunnel will divert stormwater by gravity to an 8,000-gallon-per-second terminal pump station and sea outfall. In addition to design services, MWH has been engaged to conduct a full feasibility study as well as provide tendering and construction management services.

2018 Commonwealth Games Transit Malls – Australia

MWH carried out investigations of the three Transit Mall sites for the 2018 Commonwealth Games for the Queensland Department of Transports and Main Roads. MWH conducted detailed investigations of the sites, tested and amended network designs, and provided technical support and consultation.

Wainisavulevu Weir Raising – Fiji

MWH helped raise Wainisavulevu Weir eight meters to increase water storage resulting in an increase of hydropower generation capabilities. By reducing the island’s dependence on diesel fuel this project will save the Fiji Electricity Authority $2.5 million annually.

Central Plains Water Stage 1 – New Zealand

In July 2015, MWH successfully completed the design of the distribution network for the Central Plains Water irrigation scheme in Cantebury. This project is the largest piped irrigation network in New Zealand and will improve production security as well as reduce farmers’ dependence on groundwater and allow regional aquifers to recharge.

Road Infrastructure – Fiji 

MWH completed work to transform Fiji’s road infrastructure network to make key business and trade routes more reliable than before, and enable Fiji to have a resilient transportation network for the first time in its history.

Pilbara Iron Ore Mine Hydrogeology Investigation – Western Australia

MWH is currently working together with a major iron ore producer on an expansive hydrogeological investigation of one of the world’s largest iron ore deposits, located in northwestern Australia. The program will provide data that would help guide future mine planning, development and environmental approvals.


Photo courtesy of MWH employee Glenn Fawcett, Denver, Colorado.

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Helping people prepare for and lead change is as much a part of Building a Better World as the engineering solutions we provide to our clients. We recognize that our values must drive our actions around renewing and refitting our workforce in preparation to take on the challenges of the future. 

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Photo courtesy of MWH employee Abbas Rahman, Palmerston North, New Zealand.



Industry Recognition

MWH Global projects and offices recognized in 2015.

Abberton Scheme, U.K.
Austin Water Treatment Plant No. 4, U.S.
Chigwell Algae, U.K.
Colorado Springs Utilities Southern Delivery System, U.S.
Clay Mills, U.K.
Davyhulme Wastewater Treatment Works, U.K. (with United Utilities and Black & Veatch)
Green River Filtration Facility, U.S.

Mapua Wharf Wastewater Pump Station, NZ
MWH New Zealand Operations
New Plymouth Wastewater Treatment Plant, NZ
Northumbrian Water AMP 5 Flooding Program, U.K.
Northumbrian Water Trunk Main Cleaning, Acceptability of Water Program, U.K.
Portsmouth’s Flood Alleviation Scheme, U.K.
Seafield THW, U.K.
South Australian Water, Australia
Tyseley Resource Recovery Centre, U.K.
Wanapum Dam Spillway, U.S.
Wei Sheng Wastewater Treatment, Taiwan

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Joseph D. Adams

Joseph D. Adams

President, Energy & Industry, MWH Global, Inc.


David G. Barnes

David G. Barnes

Chief Financial Officer, MWH Global, Inc.


Paul F. Boulos

Paul F. Boulos

President, Innovyze, Inc.


Janet Linden Cooper

Janet Linden Cooper

Independent Board Member; Former Chief Financial Officer, McData; Senior Vice President & Treasurer, Qwest Communications

Marshall Davert

Marshall Davert

President, Government & Infrastructure Asia Pacific & Americas, MWH Global, Inc.


Alan J. Fohrer

Alan J. Fohrer

Independent Board Member; Former Chief Executive Officer, Southern California Edison

Charles L. (Jerry) Henry

Charles L. (Jerry) Henry

Independent Board Member; Former Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Johns Manville

Alan J. Krause

Alan J. Krause

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, MWH Global, Inc.


Blair Lavoie

Blair Lavoie

President, MWH Constructors, Inc.


Daniel McConville

Daniel McConville

President, Business Solutions and Government & Infrastructure Middle East, MWH Global, Inc.


Catherine Schefer

Catherine Schefer

Managing Director, MWH UK Ltd.


Russ Strobel

Russ Strobel

Independent Board Member; Former Chief Executive Officer, Nicor, Inc.

Sir John Vereker

Sir John Vereker

Independent Board Member, Former Permanent Secretary of the U.K.'s Department for International Development, Governor and Commander in Chief of Bermuda

Photo courtesy of MWH employee Mohommed Maharoof, Doha, Qatar.



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